The Awesome Devil Poem Moves Closer!

Remember a while ago when I was all excited about the poem about the Devil I got to read? Well, it’s in this month’s issue of Apex. Fabulous Memphis poet, Elizabeth McClellan wrote it. You should try to get a hold of it, or talk your library into subscribing.

Edited to add: It’s less than three dollars, people! You could get an issue of Apex, a pop, and a candy bar to enjoy while you read it and still have change from a $10.

And I hear that reading it puts/removes hair on your chest! So, there’s adventure! Will you grow chest hair or lose it? Only by reading can you tell.

One thought on “The Awesome Devil Poem Moves Closer!

  1. Oh my gracious goodness.
    I missed your post about my poem the first time around. My heart is all fuzzy and ridiculous right now. Thank you, sweet B. Poets don’t get paid enough, but this is mighty fine perks.

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