Wade in the Water

I tried my hardest to download the maps featured on this post, so that I could print them out and wrap myself in them and make small gurgling noises of pleasure all afternoon, but my computer kept crashing from the effort.

I understand why we don’t let the river reinvent itself constantly any more, but I admit to feeling like we’re interrupting a vital process.

Look at all those places the river used to be.

And man, it’s hard to believe they ever used to do amazing, beautiful work like that at Fisk.

One thought on “Wade in the Water

  1. My grandfather was pilot of the Dredge Burgess ( http://www.mvs.usace.army.mil/pa/esprit/2003/esp0305.pdf )on the Mississippi; responsible for maintaining the channel from Cairo, IL to Vicksburg, MS. He used to tell stories about the river, having grown up on it, about where it used to be, and how far it had moved. I can’t help but see the old boundaries when driving through Arkansas, or Tennessee. Dredging has helped our commerce by allowing barge travel up and down the river, but it has destroyed our wetlands, and taken hundreds of miles out of the river. Its a double-edged sword, with no easy replacement. Anyway, that’s my two cents. I’m really glad you shared this.

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