Adventures in Non-Lawn Mowing

So, I came home to mow the lawn and I started the mower and I hit the gas pedal and… nothing. I hit it again. Nothing. I called my dad. He made me do all the things I’d already thought to do, but this time with him on the phone and that didn’t work. So I went and got my neighbor and his magic baby and he couldn’t figure it out either. The magic baby tried pouring some milk on it but that didn’t work.

But people, then my awesome neighbor went and got his tools and fixed my fucking mower! Like magic. Which, I guess makes sense, since his magic baby daughter would have had to inherit her magic from someplace.

And all he would take in exchange was two beers.

But I still didn’t mow the lawn, because he just finished up right now and I’m blogging instead.

4 thoughts on “Adventures in Non-Lawn Mowing

  1. is this that neighbor that I saw — the one who had the baby on his hip… the tall lanky one, kinda hot? Because if it is… Wow. You hit the neighbor jackpot.

  2. We did hit the neighbor jackpot. He and his wife are both really awesome people.

    Their dog hates me, though, which makes me feel bad.

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