A Little More Sleep Never Hurt No One

I woke up before, way before, my alarm, got up, peed, went back to bed and then slept through that fucker like it didn’t even bother to go off.

What woke me up?

Do you even have to ask?

Tick crawling up my side.

Tick, I appreciate your efforts to make sure I’m not late for work, so I wrapped you in toilet paper before flushing you down to your watery grave.

This is the one design flaw with Frontline. If the ticks don’t bite the cats, they don’t die. They just ride happily into the house and, since both cats have decided that sleeping in my bed is super awesome (and it is, I admit), the ticks end up there. I try to give it a sweep every night, but that hasn’t been effective.

Still, shoot, I missed walking the dog. Sorry about that, dog.

One thought on “A Little More Sleep Never Hurt No One

  1. B, there used to be a Frontline spray available — I used it on my previous dog during a particularly bad sand flea infestation in my apartment. After I sprayed down the dog, I sprayed my carpets and couches and his bed, and I never saw another flea after that.

    I don’t know if it’s still available, but it’s worth a phone call to your vet’s office to find out. :)

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