Governor “Baby” Haslam Disses the Troops

What the fuck?

Haslam spokesman David Smith said the Republican governor had a previously scheduled commitment today to attend a luncheon at the West Tennessee Strawberry Festival in Humboldt. Smith said the governor’s office was also not officially notified of the visit by the White House.

Our petulant baby governor needs official notice from the President before he can be bothered to go to Fort Campbell to celebrate the awesome job they did? Being a snotty brat to the president is more important than supporting our troops? The state doesn’t have an airplane he could take from Humbolt to Clarksville?

I tell you what, if Ron Ramsey really is secretly running the state, he needs to get Governor Baby on the phone and tell him to set aside his partisan jackassery and go show those folks the state is grateful.

Jesus Christ, in my whole life, I never thought I’d see motherfucking Tennessee Republicans showing their asses to the military, but I guess these are strange days.

12 thoughts on “Governor “Baby” Haslam Disses the Troops

  1. C’mon hon, you know it’s not the troops he was disrespecting but rather that half-breed illegal alien who snuck into Harvard and then stole the White House.

  2. For the record, the White House did not invite any of the United States Senators from KY and TN. The Congressmen who represent the districts encompassing Fort Campbell were also not invited. All are Republicans. So who is the one being “snotty?”

    So at the last minute, the White House decides to invite one Republican while disrespecting several others, and somehow the Governor’s refusal to be a token is offensive?

    A bit of fairness here, please. The White House has a protocol staff for these things. If they had wanted the Governor to attend, they would have issued him a formal invitation.

    Also not inviting the Congressmen representing Fort Campbell and its surrounding communities is tacky. Congressman Blackburn has spent hundreds of hours working on issues for the soldiers and the families. She meets with them and listens to their problems and their needs. Did President Bush ever disrespect Congressman Tanner when he represented the rest of Montgomery County?

    If President Bush has disrespected Governor Bredesen, no doubt you would side with the Governor and call the President a “baby.’ But the thing is, I don’t think Bush ever did.

  3. If there’s ever a time to get over one’s jackassery, this is it. Can’t believe anyone is trying to defend the Governor for snubbing military personnel and the Commander in Chief. How patriotic.

  4. So, let me get this straight, Mark, your defense of Republicans acting like this is some kind of quasi-monarchy, where we send proper invitations and accept them in proper ways or else we feel free to snub the troops, is to make up some position you’d think I’d have in some hypothetical scenario you clearly haven’t even thought through and hold me accountable to that?

    Nice try.

    Haslam is snubbing the troops and using “Obama’s being mean to me” as a cover.

    Frankly, this is some unamerican bullshit and I can’t believe you’re even bothering to engage in it.

  5. Aunt B. and Bridgette,

    The simple answer is that protocol is important. It helps prevent things like this. But your interest is in beating up on Republicans not reasoned discussion.

    Remember the stink raised by the left when Justice Alito shook his head during the State of the Union? That was a violation of protocol as was much discussed. Of course, the President attacking the Court with members present was also against protocol but I never expect consistency from the left.

    I notice that neither of you mention the other point I made. Why didn’t the White House invite the people who directly represent the interests of Fort Campbell? Clearly the White House decided to add a token Republican at the last minute.

    The President wants to play politics with this and Governor Haslam won’t be his pawn. And this is a sin by the Governor?

    Maybe it would mean more to the families at Fort Campbell if the President would once in a while rebuke members of his party who say that their lost loved ones died for oil and nothing more.

  6. Marsha Blackburn?? The only thing about troops she likes is the fact that they are good cannon fodder for her war mongering.

    Bredesen was just as much a jerk as Haslam, maybe more so.

  7. Mark, I am tickled to discover that you think there’s any kind of meaningful discussion to be had when the people having it can lump each other into whatever broad groups they might belong to and then hold each other accountable for all bad acts perpetrated by that broad group.

    Yes, Bridgett and I are responsible for saying bad things about Alito, we’re at every war protest talking about oil; we fucked Jane Fonda!

    But you have never adequately explained your behavior at Appomattox or why you killed all those children in Michigan. And when are you going to renounce the creation of the whoopie cushion? You guys never will face up to that.

    Whew, this is fun.

    Assholish, but fun. I can see why you do it.

  8. Maybe it would mean more to the families at Fort Campbell if the President would once in a while rebuke members of his party who say that their lost loved ones died for oil and nothing more.

    That’s pretty much what these wars are all about. Afghanistan was about the Unocal pipeline.
    Iraq, one of the largest producers of oil around.

    Of course there is more to it. We have to do what Israel wants, we have to also keep our Empire alive and expanding.

    If it was up to me, we would pull our troops out of Iraq, Aghan, Pakistan, Japan, Korea, EU and pretty much everywhere else.

    Non-intervention is the best policy, as Washington advised. We should also heed Ike’s warning about the military industrial complex, which is the biggest recipient of government welfare by FAR.

  9. I’m curious why Gov. Babyface is at the Strawberry Festival and not worrying about the flooding in the west part of the state. Hello? Roll the sleeves up, dude.

    I’m also curious why his excuse to miss the Ft. Campbell event is a festival and not “we’re having an emergency, the Mississippi River is flooding.” Perhaps he’s trying to intentionally diss the president or perhaps his PR staff is that clueless, or perhaps he’s really unaware of what’s happening in Memphis. Any of them wouldn’t surprise me,

  10. I’d also add that both parties are controlled by their corporate donors and masters. There are a few exceptions such as Sen. Sanders or Rep. Paul.

    A government of the corporations for the corporations and by the corporations.

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