Oh, I got so busy being snarky I forgot to tell y’all about the turkey! So, I’m in the bathroom getting ready to get in the shower when I hear what sounds like the world’s worst turkey call, right up by the house, and I am livid. It’s bad enough that hunters hunt down here in the neighborhood, but that some guy was clearly in my back yard? He was about to get an up-close introduction to my dog. I go to the window and… there is a turkey, just standing around right by the old fountain, making his little turkey call.

And who is not five feet from him, frozen in horror? The new kitty!  If you just imagine 0m! as the shape of the cat, that was the shape of the cat. Her eyes were huge, her back was arched, and her tail was straight up. And then she circled around him, facing him the whole way, to get closer to the garage before running off.

He hung out in the back yard, just eating stuff. I assume either acorns or bugs.

And then, when I came out to go to work, both of the cats were hiding on top of my car.

3 thoughts on “Turkey

  1. I don’t lame the kitty for being scared. Don’t mess with a male turkey, I had one stand up to and try to chase off my car when I got too close to his little harem of hens. They are fearless. Stupid but fearless.

  2. I’ve had a smallish cat try to catch a turkey once, which gave me a horrible mental image of the turkey flying away with a very determined cat gripping it’s tail. Lucky for me the cat missed.

    Never again have I told a cat that turkeys taste good.

  3. dolphin is right – those things can be vicious. I saw a dog go after 3 of them once. I never knew they could truly fly until one perched itself in a tree about 2 or 3 stories above the ground.

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