Talking to the Rose

I went out to finish weeding the front bed up by the house. The Tennessee coneflowers seem to be settling in nicely. I thought they would. That’s a much sunnier bed than where I have them in the back yard. I’m tempted to maybe put some poppies in there, since I never have gotten them to grow well in the back.

I pulled a ton of weeds out of there, which is always disappointing, but it’s also nice to be able to get in and see up close how things are doing. I’m still not thrilled with how the rosemary is doing, but at least it has some green on it. I gave a pep talk to the smallest lavender and cut some of the dead off of it. Up close, you can really see that lavender is a shrub, not a flower. It’s got woody growth, for sure. The small lavenders have a few buds, but the big ones are gearing up. I forgot how much the bees ended up loving the lavender, so I need to be sure to keep an eye on that so that the Professor can get some without getting stung. Also, if I’m going to put poppies in there, I want to do it before the bees take up residence.

I think the rose is doing fine. It’s putting out new growth, which is as good a sign as any that it’s happy, but I still am not sure. I feel like it’s leaning towards the front of the bed. Part of that, I know, is just going to take those roots getting down and getting established. But I worry that it doesn’t like the soil, because that’s where I dumped the fireplace ash in an emergency this winter. I hope it’s not too base for it. I wonder if I should pile some pine needles around it to balance it out.

And I talked to it some, about my plans for it, about how it needs to get big quick and shade out the weeds, about how it will be the centerpiece of the garden, that kind of thing, as I was picking the weeds around it and digging in the dirt.

I rarely feel more pagan than when I’m in the dirt, talking to things that, rationally, I know, have way of even paying attention to me.

Still, I love it.

I wonder, when I’m old and I die, if they’d just lay me in the garden and let me slowly turn to dust. They could put me near some vegetables so that the smell of me slowly rotting dissuaded the bunnies from bothering the tomatoes.

I hope to get in the big bed tomorrow. It needs weeding and Beth gave me some seeds I want to get in there.

2 thoughts on “Talking to the Rose

  1. will there still be flowers in mid-July or do I have to ask even more of you to pick and dry them for my mid-July return that will then involve much lavender consumption (and maybe some washing too)?

  2. Oh, there will still be flowers in July. We’ll just have to figure out some strategy for not getting stung when we harvest them.

    No worries.

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