Brief Science Things

1. Crows. Holy shit. You start to see why Odin hung out with them. Odin. Hung. Hee hee. Okay, just me. Fine.

2. I have mixed feelings about this. I believe people should be able to drink local non-pasteurized milk all they want, for whatever reasons they want, and that the farmers should be regularly inspected to make sure they’re exceptionally clean, and people should know that even that will not remove all risk and that there is a real risk. I don’t believe the want to drink unpasteurized milk should lead you to smuggling milk from another state. That seems dangerous and that you’d be making it very easy for con artists to take advantage of you.

But this? “People get better when they drink raw milk. It gives a child everything they need.”? Um, no. Cow milk is designed to give calves everything they need. Not human children. That would be breast milk.

And this? “good raw milk tastes like ice cream without the sugar”? Yes, because it’s whole milk. All that milk fat? Yum. But the amount of milk fat in your milk doesn’t have to do with whether its pasteurized or not.

I think the locavore movement, if it means people actually go visit the farms they buy their CSAs from can only improve America, because we seem to be missing out on some vital understanding of basic facts about where our food comes from.

Dancing Around Music

The Butcher made me watch that Scott Pilgrim movie last night, which I loved, and bought the soundtrack to, which I assume is probably everyone who worked on the movie’s hope.

I have been dancing around to this song all morning. Every time I get something done, I reward myself with a little shimmy around my desk. It’s a wonder what a catchy song and a good night’s sleep will do to you.

Ha, actually, I’m hoping this is the right version because I’m busy listening to it on my phone and have the computer’s speakers plugged into that instead. Well, it’ll be funny if it’s not.

Oh, hey, Beth has a friend who is an acquaintance of mine who’s never heard Little Milton’s “Grits Ain’t Groceries.”

I remain confused about what you strut around town to after you’ve gotten laid by a person you like if you don’t know this song. It is a mystery.

Oh, did I tell you that I’ve planned out who should play the three brothers I have a long-term affair with when they make the biopic of my life? Imagine: Viggo Mortensen, Donal Logue, and Sean Bean.

Now, to find three brothers to carry out a long-term affair with…

A Tale of Two Turkeys

So, there we were, the dog and I, tromping through the back yard early this morning, walking towards the creek. And there was a turkey on the creek bank.

“Ooo!” I blurted in surprise.

“Brlrrk!” his friend down in the creek shouted in surprise back. One turkey took off into the trees and the other took off across the yard of the AT&T building. The dog was completely unmoved, until we got over to the AT&T building, and she picked up on the scent of the turkey and started making huge arcs in front of me, tugging on the leash.

“Too late,” I said, “he’s already gone.”

It smelled so gorgeous out there this morning. Honeysuckle, I guess.

I know I say it all the time, but it’s true. I can’t believe I get to live here. I can’t believe a spot this wonderful was affordable to me.

But I’m grateful.