Dancing Around Music

The Butcher made me watch that Scott Pilgrim movie last night, which I loved, and bought the soundtrack to, which I assume is probably everyone who worked on the movie’s hope.

I have been dancing around to this song all morning. Every time I get something done, I reward myself with a little shimmy around my desk. It’s a wonder what a catchy song and a good night’s sleep will do to you.

Ha, actually, I’m hoping this is the right version because I’m busy listening to it on my phone and have the computer’s speakers plugged into that instead. Well, it’ll be funny if it’s not.

Oh, hey, Beth has a friend who is an acquaintance of mine who’s never heard Little Milton’s “Grits Ain’t Groceries.”

I remain confused about what you strut around town to after you’ve gotten laid by a person you like if you don’t know this song. It is a mystery.

Oh, did I tell you that I’ve planned out who should play the three brothers I have a long-term affair with when they make the biopic of my life? Imagine: Viggo Mortensen, Donal Logue, and Sean Bean.

Now, to find three brothers to carry out a long-term affair with…

One thought on “Dancing Around Music

  1. When I was growing up, there was graffiti on the building opposite our church that said “grits is groceries INDEED.” For years I wondered why on earth anyone would write that…and then I heard this song.

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