That Uncommon Common Knowledge


Suddenly, it’s common knowledge that women journalists and IMF staffers took care not to be alone with him.

Funny how that works, isn’t it? Lower status women can know things, but if it doesn’t sink in to people with power, it remains unknown. The scary dude women don’t want to be alone with and warn each other away from is a grand seducer to his friends.

One thought on “That Uncommon Common Knowledge

  1. I just lost 30 minutes of my life searching for the link and can’t find one, but– On BBC World News this morning while I was driving in (around 6:45am on WPLN) there was some commentary with a British reporter basically blaming France for this. It was all the arguments you usually hear, a culture of elitism created a system that doesn’t have enough checks and balances and people in the know aren’t sharing the information. He just left any notion of patriarchal society and women having a lesser place out of his discussion and blamed it entirely on France’s permissive sexual culture and political culture which protects elites from the media. It was weird.

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