Governor Baby Strikes Again

Jesus Christ, this is going to be a long eight years, if Haslam doesn’t learn to put on his big kid pants and actually fucking lead. Yes, eight. Please, let’s just be honest about the state of the Democrats, who spent the weekend learning about messaging, because apparently they slept through the 90s.

Hell, you know, it would explain so much if, indeed, they had actually slept through the 90s. Maybe someone should check and make sure they know Kurt Cobain died.

Anyway, please, Dems, find someone who can win against this jackass. Hint: this person’s name will not be “Mike McWherter.”

So, yes, Haslam, who we elected as a state because we wanted someone like Bredesen, a man who, if he were a LOLgovernor (I’m just assuming that there are LOLgovernors, but, if not, I will totally invent them) would have a caption reading “Serious Business Governor is Serious and Up to Serious Business,” and, instead, got what would happen if someone scraped together all of Bredesen’s belly-button lint and gave it life–a weird, fun-house mirror Bredesen, smaller, flimsier, and more easily pushed around.

I mean, fucker signed HB600 into law, which means he was pushed around by Glen Casada. Lord almighty, that’s like being pushed around by Gargamel. Is this man not supposed to have business acumen from Pilot and Saks 5th Avenue? Is not an important part of business acumen being able to out-manipulate your kniving underlings?

Get this shit: “spokesman Dave Smith:

‘Through the legislative process, he expressed concerns about the state telling local governments what to do, but he also had concerns about local governments telling businesses what to do, especially the potential burden on small businesses. Ultimately, he felt the Metro ordinance went farther than federal law in regulating business policies.'”

Oh, I just bet that the Governor is going to be vetoing tons of legislation based on whether it goes farther than federal law allows… oh, wait, I totally don’t believe that at all. And, truly, I would love to hear how fucking over transgender people by not allowing them to legally change gender relieves any potential burden on small businesses.

Honestly, if Mayor Dean said “Eh, fuck it. We’re sticking with this policy anyway,” I would not only vote for him, I would give money to his campaign, and encourage each and every one of you to vote for him, too.

If there’s one thing Haslam has proven this session, it’s that he won’t stand up against people. Dean should go ahead and play chicken with him. See what happens. The law doesn’t include any provisions for what happens if a city refuses to abide by it. And anyone who sues the city over it is going to have to get up in court and discuss on the record why it’s so important for them to be able to discriminate against gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people.

Considering that folks like Beaman held their meetings in secret and the Chamber backtracked once the national spotlight got too bright, I have my doubts about whether anyone would be willing to sue and go on record as having a discriminatory policy.

So, I say, Dean, play chicken with that cowardly fuck.

Meanwhile, I’m not sure what to do about the “fuck over the transgender” portion of the bill. That problem doesn’t get solved by causing a crisis for the Haslam administration. It’s just a nasty little piece of hate thrown in there because Casada and Beavers could. But there’s been some maneuvering that makes me suspicious they don’t think that will hold up to a court challenge. We need to keep our eye on that.

12 thoughts on “Governor Baby Strikes Again

  1. Oh, I just bet that the Governor is going to be vetoing tons of legislation based on whether it goes farther than federal law allows

    Isn’t that the opposite of what Ron Ramsey ran on? Shit, I think this means that Haslam just conceded the federal government’s primacy here.

  2. One good thing I read related to this news is that Nissan has come out against HB600. I wish legislators would realize that some companies actually want this to be a state where their diverse employees can feel safe and welcome.

    I, too, look forward to the day when their law gets challenged and they have to explain why it’s a good idea to be a bigot.

  3. let’s just be honest about the state of the Democrats, who spent the weekend learning about messaging, because apparently they slept through the 90s.

    Well thank God I’m not the only one who thought the whole “let’s not focus on policy discussions but learn how to craft really neat bumper sticker slogans” thing was an astonishing waste of time.

    As I wrote over at my place, Haslam has been a far worse governor than even I could have imagined. I figured we’d get all the pro-business stuff and he’d tell people to cut the crap on the culture war stuff. But no. We got the whole package, delivered with his aw-shucks goofball grin, like we’re too stupid to know what’s really going on. I think I’d rather take this bitter medicine from twitchy, angry Zach Wamp, to be honest.

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  5. Karl Dean came late to the non-discrimination ordinance and arbitrarily after a very wealthy Nashvillian told him he was fine with it. It’s not the first time the Mayor has tended to shy from a difficult situation, either.

    What you suggest he do I don’t see happening, especially since this election is not about the Mayor’s Office; it is about Karl Dean’s future statewide aspirations. He’s not running for Mayor in 2011. He’s running for a legitimate shot at Governor or US Senator, and he’s got the Bredesenistas hired around him to accomplish that goal.

    And finally, he’s sure as hell not going to stick his political neck out for a Mike Jameson/Jamie Hollin construct.

  6. We will anticoipate with interest the Governor’s veto of any State abortion restrictions that go further than the Feds do.

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