Shoot, Let’s All Make Friends with Ron Ramsey

See, “rules” are for people Ron Ramsey doesn’t know or like. But, if he does know or like you–well, hot dog, you get pay raises when no one else does.

My favorite part is how he’s all “but we fired people, so that makes it okay.”

Yep, it’s a great day for Tennessee when you’re firing people so you can afford to give your friends raises. I bet those fired Tennesseans are feeling awesome about our state now.

Ramsey loves to position himself as the folksy down-to-earth good-ole-boy who understands Tennessee better than those Republicans who went to fancy colleges.

Shit like this proves he’s just as out of touch with what real suffering in this state looks like as the Republicans he so openly disdains.

3 thoughts on “Shoot, Let’s All Make Friends with Ron Ramsey

  1. Defeats the purpose of firing people to save money if you have to give the people that stay more money for more work.

    I ‘liked’ Ramsey’s facebook page so I’m expecting a check any day now. And it really rubs me the wrong way to have to ‘like’ it just to see what he’s up to.

  2. No kidding. Facebook needs a “like” button for things you actually like and a “keep an eye on this SOB” button for things you just need to keep an eye on.

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