Governor Baby Explains It All

See here:

Governor Haslam responded to the controversy during a stop in Chattanooga saying “We are not in favor of discrimination — I want to be very clear about that. We are in favor of businesses deciding within federal laws what their policies should be. We just don’t think that local governments should set H.R. policies for businesses. “

I’m sorry. This literally made me laugh out loud. We, as a state, aren’t in favor of discrimination, but it’s important to make sure businesses can discriminate without local government interference. How is that not being in favor of discrimination?

Face it, Governor Baby. You have failed to save these jackass Republicans from themselves, and you’ve made the state of Tennessee once again synonymous with discrimination codified into law.

And it’s only May. Of your first year of your first term.

This must be a proud, proud moment for you.

6 thoughts on “Governor Baby Explains It All

  1. It’s as if they thinkg it’s their job to be certain that the State of Tennessee is looked upon as a bunch of ingorant hillbillies. Who votes for these people?!

  2. We are in favor of businesses deciding within federal laws…

    …unless that federal law mandates that you carry health insurance for your employees. Then it’s SEE-SESSION TAHM!

    (insert Ron Ramsey has Yosemite Sam here)

    Here’s the thing which Governor Baby fails to get: The business doesn’t have to *choose* to write an anti-discrimination policy, but then if they make that *choice* they *choose* not to do business with Metro. Participation is fully voluntary! Whee! Freedom! Markets! Puppies!

    (My guess is that one of his friends had one of their oxen gored by this Metro ordinance. I’m just wondering which one. It’d have to be someone reeeeeeeeeally special to outrank AT&T, Alcoa, FedEx, Nissan, et. al.)

  3. BiHaz and Rand/Ron Paul would get along great on this… reminds me of the ole “lunch counters should serve only those whose skin they like” argument.

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