I Love My Library Card

I feel a little like you do when you go out and buy that first pack of cigarettes after you’ve given up quitting. Like, you know this could be bad… is going to be bad… goes nowhere that doesn’t end up with you up until three in the morning, trying to find a place that’s open where you can get more. But there’s the crinkle of the cellophane and the smell, that smell of dry leaves, hitting your nose. You can already imagine the feel of it in your hands. You’re not thinking about the cluttered up house, the cost, the unseemliness, the sneaking out at lunch to do it–the downsides you know so well.

No, at that moment, it’s just the wonderful “yes.”

6 thoughts on “I Love My Library Card

  1. Just wait until you have it memorised (assuming you don’t already) and realise you can sit in front of your computer for hours and browse the library in your pajamas with a bowl of dry cereal and a glass of sprite at 1:30 am on Saturday morning, and by Wednesday have a gloriously heavy armload of wonderfulness.

  2. I love my card(s), too. I was disappointed that Harold Washington didn’t have a circulation copy of a history book I wanted, but they did have a plethora of James Baldwin books, so one of those made for a good consolation prize. Nice thing about being a part-time professional student, though, is the access to the world’s university library system and the ability to hunt down the history book in question. Awesome.

  3. Frankly I’m a little dissapointed in you for not having one years ago. Good thing you didn’t disclose that when I first started visiting here….

  4. Well, it’s not like I didn’t use the library! I just used the one at work. But now that I have a metro library close to my house, I’m availing myself of that, too.

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