Is Governor Baby Scolding the Chamber?

For a man elected for his business acumen, Governor Baby’s tone towards the Chamber of Commerce–remember, made up of businesses in Tennessee–is… um… daring:

Haslam noted that the state Chamber of Commerce didn’t turn against the measure until after he signed it into law, and said businesses should have voiced their concerns earlier.

“You know, you had a chance to engage in this during the legislative process, and it passed with over 70 percent majorities in both houses,” he said. “And to kind of change tracks on Monday felt a little late to me.”

And yet, Chamber of Commerce, he has a point. You lobbied for this and you have to live with it as much as he does. Hope that sucks for you.

4 thoughts on “Is Governor Baby Scolding the Chamber?

  1. It’s hard to argue with this one. The CofC did in fact push hard to retain the right to discriminate and they didn’t change their mind until it was too late.

    They are simply immoral and unethical, just like the Republicans.

  2. As far as I know, the Chamber’s support wasn’t made public until far into the process at which time the outcry from the masses was too loud for these companies to ignore. I don’t think some of the companies involved even knew that the Chamber was supporting this.

    Tennessee Legislature … Making Canada Look Better Every Day

  3. Yes, Haslam is technically right. The Chamber should have voiced their concerns sooner.

    But I mean seriously, no one can look at this situation and not think what’s really going on is a bunch of good ol’ boys are just thrilled they finally got to punch those hippies in Nashville.

    The TN Chamber and the folks at Nissan and Whirlpool don’t REALLY care about gays, they just didn’t think anyone would give a shit and they were more excited about telling liberal Nashville that there’s a new sheriff in town. But unfortunately some folks DID give a shit, and now they’re all like, “woopsies. Let’s try to make this look good …”

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