Just When You Thought Governor Baby Couldn’t Get More Vile…

Check out what he says in this story by Tom Humphrey:

“I don’t think many Tennesseans feel like we don’t have enough mandates on businesses,” Haslam said after he signed legislation that prohibits local governments from creating anti-discrimination laws that are stricter than the state’s rules. “This had the concurrence of 70 percent of the Legislature.”

Despite opposition from some businesses and Chambers of Commerce, Haslam said he doesn’t think the measure will hurt the state’s business or visitor recruitment.

It’s okay to require Nashville to not hold it against businesses if they discriminate against GLBT people because only a minority of Tennessee legislators think it’s wrong and no one will give a shit anyway. He’s hiding behind the legislature and then sneering at the people he’s fucked over.

I was worried yesterday that a boycott could really hurt Nashville, which is, of course, the city that tried to do the right thing, but this really makes me think it’s going to happen anyway and probably should.

Anyway, I don’t see any coverage of what other groups this might affect–does anyone know? The language isn’t gay specific (probably to try to skirt lawsuits), so does this potentially hurt people with disabilities or veterans or other folks cities might have given a little ‘help’ to?