Could I be more excited? I could not be. I hope it’s good. It’s been so long since she’s had an album out. And the cover makes me hope this is some kind of full-on pagan tribute to The Wicker Man or something. I am almost positive this is deliberately in they style of a deck of Tarot cards I’ve seen, but I can’t find what’s in my mind on Google. But she’s got herself all set like the Hierophant or the Devil in Ryder-Waite, facing forward, right hand raised in some kind of pointing gesture (though I think only the Magician points only one finger and he points it down). I love how there’s the suggestion of the moon behind her hand, the birds on her head like horns, and the owl, symbol of wisdom, over Rawlings’ head who is whispering in her ear.

That’s some archetypal stuff there, anyway.

3 thoughts on “THE HARROW & THE HARVEST

  1. Oh, good catch! She does, but facing out. And her background is full of opened fruit (pomegranates, I think) just like Welch has peaches here.

    And there’s a passing resemblance to the RW Empress, as well, with the wheat at her feet, the positioning of the hand, and the loose hair.

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