Scarier: NES or Lightning?

After the winds came roaring up Clarksville Pike, we lost power in the weirdest way. Usually, when we lose power, it’s like “click” and the power is out. This happened, somehow, just a hair slower than that. It was almost as if the electricity said “bah, fuck this” and within the span of “bah” went out. I was trying to sleep, which was difficult, because I couldn’t breath, because we had no power.

But I was half-dozing, listening to the thunder, when all of a sudden, my whole room was filled with flashing lights. I thought at first I was caught in some kind of lightning tornado, with blinking swirling around me.  I sat bolt upright in bed, squinting to see… well… blinking lights.

And then the power came back on.

So, I think it was just an NES guy checking the wires before they made them live again.

Whew, but that scared the shit out of me.

I fully expected every tree in the yard to be down, but everything is fine.

2 thoughts on “Scarier: NES or Lightning?

  1. The weather all over the country makes me glad I live on the West Coast that is of course until the next big earthquake hits over here. Thinking about all those dealing with the tornados right now.

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