Another Long Day

But towards the end of it I heard this song, the Delmore Brothers doing “Nashville Blues.”

Which, of course, put me in the mind of Steve Earle’s “South Nashville Blues” and I wanted to listen to them together to decide if I could hear an actual connection and, really, I don’t know.

But I love, love, love that we have this old pool, which is not so deep, that we can, if we want, go and pull these long strands of meaning out of.

I like when art makes me feel like I’m standing at an intersection of like six different roads, each going off someplace interesting, and I have just a hint of what those interesting places might be like.

Brief Geneological GRRRR

As you know, I’ve been trying to find any siblings or parents for Luke Phillips, who says he’s from New York, but seems to have sprung out of Michigan fully formed in 1828. I noticed him living near Jay W. Phillips’s family at one point, Jay also being from New York and right about the same age.

And I have found that Jay’s kids–George, Frank, Helen, Bruce, and Flora–appear to have named their children the same or similar names to Luke’s kids–Alfred/Fred, Charles/Charles, Maria/Mary–and that my ancestor (Frank) could have gotten his name from Jay’s son.

I know that’s kind of confusing, but basically, if Jay and Luke are brothers, as I suspect, the cousins were all naming kids after each other.

But how to prove it?

I’m having no more luck finding Jay’s family ascendent family than I am finding Luke’s.


Updated to add: To add to my desire for Jay’s family to be our family, I also have an uncle Bruce, though my dad swears it’s not because it was handed down through the generations.