An Open Letter to Stacey Campfield

Dear Stacey Campfield,

You know I think you’re a giant douchebag of historic proportion. You know I think you never met a “fuck you, bitches” bill you wouldn’t champion because I think you hate women. And you know I think your a massive creep.

But this is painful to watch, even for me, who thinks the outcome we ended up with is lovely.

So, let me hop the fence just a second and make sure you’re clear on something.

When Ramsey and Harwell say, “The confusion surrounding the language in the budget regarding Planned Parenthood has been unfortunate. The Office of Legal Services advised House and Senate leadership that it is unconstitutional to amend general law through the appropriations bill (Article II, Section 17), an interpretation which would have put the entire budget document in jeopardy,” they are admitting they knew that second amendment was going in the budget. Do you get this? Because that subtext could barely be called subtext.

So, if they knew that language was going in the budget and have a reason why it had to go in the budget and undo what you’ve done, they KNOW WHO DID IT. In fact, I would interpret those sentences as meaning they worked with that person to make it happen.

Posting a list of all of the people who told you it wasn’t them? All it does is make a nice list of all of the people who might have lied to you. You can’t honestly believe it means anything other than that.

As for what anti-choice folks they might be working with, IT DOESN’T MATTER. If it’s not the guys who are working with you, that’s because the guys who are working with you can’t swing an election. Their endorsement didn’t get Cobb elected in District 62, so everyone now knows the bag has a cat, not a pig, even without the poke being opened. They don’t need to work with the Tennessee Right to Life until the Tennessee Right to Life’s giving or withholding of an endorsement hurts Republicans. And they’re probably relieved about that, because those guys are total jerks.

The Tennessee Right to Life needs you, not because you’re some great champion of the unborn, but because you’re the fool with the biggest platform who will still pretend (or believe) that they decide elections.

Bless your heart. If I liked you, I’d advise you to get a little more cynical about shit and then maybe you won’t be blindsided by this stuff.


Edited to add: While we’re speaking frankly, let me add that most Republicans don’t actually want to end abortion, some of them because it’s a perennial drum to beat on at election time, and some of them because if their wives or daughters were raped or if their mistresses got pregnant, they’d be sitting at Planned Parenthood next to them quicker than you can say ‘Jack Robinson.’ They are fine with it being inconvenient and expensive and dangerous for the rest of us, but believe me, they will always want abortions for their women, and they won’t let you stop that.

9 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Stacey Campfield

  1. A politician is going to go with his daughter/mistress/intern to Planned Parenthood like a common below the poverty line Tennessean citizen?

    Now who’s being naive?

  2. True enough, Sarcastro. After they defund Planned Parenthood, he can spend the rest of his career trying to get gynecology outlawed.

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  4. One of his more recent posts compared drunk driving to abortion. It’s so ugly he’s probably going to be gone the next time I clean out my reader subscriptions.

  5. I can’t bring myself to even go look. I get why people are uncomfortable with abortion, but when you can’t put yourself in the position of a rape victim or a mother who is facing a pregnancy that might kill her or whatever, I just… I honestly don’t understand.

  6. It’s because he won’t ever have to, B. It is never going to be his ass on the line.

  7. Once again I would submit that he has some issues with women that seem to preclude relationships with actual, living, not-his-mother ladies.

    Abortion to him is in one sense purely academic. In another sense it fits nicely with his apparent worldview which seems to cast women in a villainous role.

    I wonder if his father left his mother for another woman when he (stacey) was young, and that his mother–to whom he is eerily overdevoted– then spent his childhood bitching about it to him. I am fascinated by his backstory.

  8. I’ll say this for him. He is a true believer. I think he says the things he says and takes the positions he takes not because he thinks they’ll help him get reelected, but because he truly does think someone needs to reign women in and make sure we’re acting only in man-and-state-approved ways.

    I don’t think other politicians or political reporters get that. He’s not fucking around trying to do what’s popular. He’s literally trying to make sure women act only with state approval and he wants to make that happen as quickly as possible.

    And bless his heart, he doesn’t get that other people who appear to be zealots aren’t.

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