It’s all in the eyes

Whew, doggie, too bad for y’all there’s no video of my attempt to walk the dog this morning. I was like a drunken sailor. The deal with the drops is that you put them in and then wait at least twenty minutes before you put your contacts in.

Perfect, I thought. I’ll throw my glasses on and walk the dog and that will be thirty/thirty-five minutes.

I couldn’t even get out of the back yard! Everything was curvy and not where my brain expected it. So, instead, I hooked up the hose and watered the garden, since apparently, we’re not going to have any rain.

But by the time I got done watering the garden, of course my eyes were used to the glasses, so when I put in my contacts, I felt off-kilter in the other direction.

I still think that’s going to be the right plan, though. Get up, put in drops, walk the dog, put in contacts.

I noticed the morning glories are up. I’m excited about that. I’ve been too nervous to look at my white sage. It was so big in the little containers, but it looked so tiny when I put it in the ground. But I bet it’s digging this heat. Unlike me. Ha ha ha.

4 thoughts on “It’s all in the eyes

  1. morning glories? woohoo i love ’em. mine are a couple of inches high now ditto their cousin the moonflowers and spanish flag

  2. I had to look up spanish flag, because I’d never heard of it. Holy cow! That is beautiful.

    I’m pretty ridiculous about morning glories, but they remind me of my mom, so I love to grow them up the bottle tree. They honestly do fine reseeding themselves, but I decided this year I didn’t want only blue, so I threw some mixed in the dirt as well.

  3. So I recalled having eaten this most amazing dish of morning glory greens in Bangkok. So, my brother’s girlfriend recommended something to me at some Chinese place, something Malaysian. They were yummy but with the sambal belacan I wasn’t so pleased (I have slim limits on shrimp). So I might come harvest those morning glories right along with the lavender.

  4. B, if you can still find spanish flag at the store go ahead and plant them. By Labor Day they should be in good color and will keep the blooms till frost.

    Treat them like mgs because they are. :) Feed it to grow the vines to best length, then withhold. Water often.

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