Two Quick Things

1. I’m glad this is now a discussion you see in the media. It’s been a discussion women have been having for a long time. Shoot, it’s been a discussion we’ve been having here for a long time. I wonder if the difference just comes from that WIN panel, having political reporters in a position where they see and here it’s a problem? I don’t know. But it’s nice.

2. Oh really? Ron Ramsey is running around handing out checks to libraries? Interesting. Very interesting. I wonder what the Governor is doing this weekend. I stand by my contention that Ramsey would have been at Ft. Campbell for Obama’s visit if he’d been in town and known the governor was going to be showing his tail by not going.

The real question is this–Lt. Governor is not a term-limited position. The pay’s okay, especially if you have another job. And the Republicans aren’t going anywhere any time soon. Is Ramsey angling for another run at governor? Does he even need to? Or does he have as much power where he is as he would as governor without the headaches of being accountable to groups of people he doesn’t like?

And he’s still batshit, right? I mean, I watched those debates last year. I’ve seen him this year bragging about how they’re just getting started. If he were to run around setting fire to his enemies’ houses and then salting their land, it just wouldn’t surprise me. The man is his own barbarian raiding party.

So, it’s disturbing to me. But if there’s one thing we’ve learned this session, it’s that Ramsey has no opposition from the Governor, no one to reign in or put a check on his benevolent dictator routine.

So, well, what the fuck? Have fun, Ron Ramsey.