Over at Andrew Sullivan’s, he’s collecting links to a bunch of pundits who are sitting around talking about what should and shouldn’t be illegal for grown adult people to do based on whether they’d like the legal right to keep their daughters from it.

I give you three guesses what gender all the discussion-havers are.

And I submit that, as long as this is the frame “What do I as father feel comfortable allowing my daughter to decide to do?” for what men decide should be legal or not, then there is no way for grown, adult women to have a path to independent, equal citizenship. That is literally paternalism.

How about, instead, gentlemen, you raise your daughters to be the best people they can be and stop envisioning the law as a way to expand your power as father who dictates what can and can’t happen to us into our adult lives?

Why should I have to pay the price in less autonomy for your fears about your shitty fatherhood? For that matter, why should your daughters?

Honestly, I can’t believe this is supposed to be an interesting discussion and not just obviously a fucked-up one.

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  2. Oh my god. I read Leavitt’s original post and it made me want to vomit; the thought of reading *Douthat* would push me right over the edge. Knowing what I do about him already…ugh.

    Way to marginalize women making choices, white dudes! Sure glad we have you fatherly types telling us with your wisdom what is best for us!


  3. That’s gross. And the bit about smart folks having better impulse control made my fists itch, which says something about that premise. Jesus Lord.

  4. Yes, it’s messed-up (n several ways), but isn’t it a bit of progress, that these men realize that they can’t have a double-standard? If they want to be able to control their daughters’ behavior, then they have to submit themselves to that same law. I think that in the bad old days, they would have just advocated legal or social controls that applied only to women.

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