My Next Dog will be a Bull

I’m finally getting the hang of this eyedrop crap, which is good, because at $35 a tiny bottle, it was killing me every time I dripped a drop on my lower eyelid instead of in my eye. And I’m even getting the hang of walking the dog in glasses, which is also good.

But today, as I’m walking along, a gray pickup truck slows way down and then stops. It’s a dude. He wants to tell me about his pit bulls, which, he says, are at least twice the size of Mrs. W. and how the puppy has started fighting with his female as she’s coming into heat and did I want the puppy, since he looks just like my dog but huge?

People, I am literally just walking down the street and some dude tries to give me a dog. In my glasses. With my own dog. No, I’m not really sure why the fact I had glasses on makes it more ridiculous, but to me it does.

But see? This is why my next dog should just be a bull. A bull bull. A cow bull. Because those fuckers are expensive, and scary. I could take my bull to the parks and feel safe AND when someone wanted to give me another bull… well, that would be worth thinking about.

I had to politely decline the bull dog though. I told him Mrs. W. was old and I couldn’t do a puppy to her.

Still, I wonder about a pit bull twice as big as her. Well, it goes to show you that there are a lot of dogs getting lumped into the pit bull umbrella.

2 thoughts on “My Next Dog will be a Bull

  1. I hate random comments from people with cars – and I hate that they scare me. As a middle aged woman I am pissed off that I do not feel safe alone on the street.

  2. I just keep getting the giggles imagining you doing your walks with a bull. I’m picturing a nice spotted Longhorn ….

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