Well, I Think Being a Poem Star is Awesome, Myself

Ugh, Twitter. I was having a fight with Matthew Hurtt, which is, frankly, the internet equivalent of trying to fish just one piece of spaghetti out of a boiling pot. You know there’s something of substance in there, but getting hold of it and getting it out is difficult, to put it mildly.

Anyway, so he was crowing on about the TNDP following Ginger Lee, as if there’s something necessarily weird or untoward about the TNDP following back someone who follows them, just because she has a career in porn. And I gave him shit about using a woman’s legal job as evidence of some kind of tainting ick that the TNDP should avoid.

And of course, fishing spaghetti metaphor in full effect, the fight went nowhere, because Hurtt is well, himself and he doesn’t seem to even suspect that I might be sticking up for Lee and not the TNDP.

But this is all background to this tweet, which blew my mind.

RT @AuntB@matthewhurtt Stop equating women’s legal jobs with ickiness and I’ll stop being petty. Poem star is kinda icky

Now, obviously, the first sentence is from me. The second sentence is what norinrad10 thought of my first sentence.

Can you believe this shit? Dude is either going to want to get laid someday or be the spiritual leader of people who are hoping to get laid and he’s saying in public that doing things that a lot of people get off on is icky.

I didn’t know what to make of this. I don’t feel like I was raised in libertine times. People of my generation were and are plenty fucked up about sex.

But, you know, pretty early on, we figured out that, if we wanted someone to do something with us, we didn’t say we found it icky when someone else did it with another person.

Amanda Marcotte is talking over at her place about the rise of prudery and, when I read that, I hearkened back to this whole twitter exchange. And I wonder–is this what’s going on? The uptight anti-pleasure folks are winning?

This is depressing. And what can be done to counter it? I mean, the 50s sucked, but groundwork was being laid for the Civil Rights movement and 2nd Wave Feminism and the hippies and good music. Are we laying groundwork?

I don’t know. I hope so. But I worry.

3 thoughts on “Well, I Think Being a Poem Star is Awesome, Myself

  1. Matthew Hurtt spent the first week of 2011 making fun of fat people at his gym on Twitter. He’s got some serious issues with physicality, period. Oh, and he’s a bit of a jerk.

  2. I’m with Coble; I followed this exchange yesterday and it made my head hurt. Also, kinda, my heart.

    Porn is legal and would we even be talking about this if a male porn star had been the topic of discussion? If so, my understanding is that if you want to be in porn, as a guy, you pretty much have to do some gay porn too.

    Or maybe that would’ve been ok?

  3. It’s weird. I have a general rule that I try not to follow him or let him worry me, but when people retweet his stuff like it means something–in this case that there’s something wrong with any political party being even loosely affiliated with a woman who has a job other people like to tut-tut at or that there’s something unseemly about women in porn being interested in politics–I feel like I have to say something.

    Even though it never goes anywhere good.

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