Two Things I Put Together Just So Every Post Today Has Two Things

1. We watched True Grit tonight. Wow. I mean, really. Wow. And I laughed so hard when she was all calling Frank James “trash.” I mean, I guess I should stick up for my neighbor, but… well, he was a murderous thieving ex-Confederate guerrilla bank robbing murderer. So, what could I do?

2. I got to tell someone about my manuscript and she said it sounded cool. Ugh. I hope so.

10 thoughts on “Two Things I Put Together Just So Every Post Today Has Two Things

  1. B, I believe that Mattie thought Frank James was trash because he didn’t stand up in her presence, as a gentleman should, not because he was “a murderous thieving ex-Confederate guerrilla bank robbing murderer.”

  2. Thanks to your brief mention of True Grit, I dreamed all night long about Jeff Bridges being chased/annoyed/tormented/talking to a demon named Diane.

  3. I like the idea of a demon named Diane. She sounds very sensible.

    nm, I didn’t remember Younger standing up either. I actually took it for her being really upset at Cogburn’s death and lashing out, not about him being a murderous murderer.

  4. I remember Younger acknowledging the presence of a lady in some manner socially prescribed in that day. Maybe he took his hat off? It’s been a while since I saw it.

  5. I think Miss Mattie’s comment was a combination of both the grief and her innate judgy judgmentalness. When the Presbyterian church is gonna inherit your estate, including all your numerous bank shares, you tend to look down on murderous thieving bank robbers.

    Not that I don’t love Miss Mattie. And not that I didn’t clap when she called him that. Because Elizabeth Marvel absolutely nailed the disdain in that word. Traaash. ;o)

  6. I was such a fan of the original True Grit that I am chary about watching the new one. I mean, I want to but I kind of don’t know how it’ll rock my world.

    For me remaking True Grit is as hard to wrap my mind around as remaking Jaws.

  7. Um, Jeff Bridges. I mean, Jeff Bridges. Matt Damon being funny. Josh Brolin. And, of course, Jeff Bridges. Hailee Steinfeld wasn’t bad, either. But, really, Jeff Bridges. Do you seriously think the movie can be anything but good? Because Jeff Bridges.

  8. Kat, I was also a huge fan of the original True Grit and found much to recommend this one, despite my trepidations. (I’m about the only person I know who has never made it through a complete viewing of The Big Lebowski. Just cannot see what all the fuss is about.)

  9. And yes, the demon named Diane was very sensible. I think we only knew she was a demon at first because of the burnt smell.

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