At Night I Wake Up with the Sheets Soaking Wet

Since there’s nothing to be done on the manuscript but wait, I’ve been trying to keep myself busy working on other things (sadly, not the quilt, but I have to tell you, the thought of working on it in this heat, even in air conditioning, makes me grouchy. I should have never started the quilt.) which I guess are going okay.

I’m trying to get the juices flowing just so I can think about what I want to do around here for October. Ghosts are fun, don’t get me wrong, but, whew, I am Nashville-history and ghost-storied out.

So, I’m mulling.

We’ll see. I’m thinking of a vampire. A sparkly vamp… oh, that’s been done? What about a young werewolf, perhaps a teen wol… no? Okay, then, still thinking.

13 thoughts on “At Night I Wake Up with the Sheets Soaking Wet

  1. Wasn’t there some talk about how vikings were the new zombies/vampires/whatever a while back? Or should be? I feel like someone said that in a comment around here. I have no idea where you would want to take this but I am saying viking vampire zombies to you just in case it is inspiring and just because it is fun to say.

  2. I think exploring whether Vampires, Werewolves, (OK, Vikings) and other magical creatures are susceptible to Zombie-ism is a worthwhile literary pursuit. Actually.

  3. Okay, Professor, now I think we both know what I want you to bring me back from your trip. Dress up like fish and an orchid while you’re out and about and bring me on of those bad boys.

    People, please. Isn’t a vampire just a sexy zombie?

  4. Please, B, you are better than vampires and zombies. If you want to write stories that scare us for October, think of what you did with “Bone.” You took an old, old story and made it so contemporary that we couldn’t look at it and think “oh, how old and folkloric and charming” but had to recognize how frightening it was. More like that, please.

  5. I was just teasing, nm. I have no desire to write a vampire story and I don’t understand the appeal of zombies, since they are just vampires but yucky.

  6. “Bone” was very sad, but also scary. Not so much while reading it; it moved along so quickly, but afterwards thinking about what had happened was quite frightening, I thought.

  7. As I was trying to say:

    A semi-serious tip on getting juices flowing: Do NOT try to do it by reading, watching or even thinking about stuff in your immediate subject area. Do other things.

    See good movies or even plays in other genres. Read other books. Inter-relate with non-fictional people out there somewhere. Some cross-correlation spark will happen; something will make you think of something because, as you’ve already found–it happens.

    I am reminded–not by your situation, Aunt B. necessarily, but just by this question of getting the juices flowing– of one teacher I had in film school years ago, who got sick of younger students making movies about making movies. “Cut it out!” she’d yell. “Have an affair. Break it up. Get happy. Get sad. Have a kid. Have someone die. Read something, fergodzsakes. Get out of the screening room! It;s your only hope!”

    But then, this same advisor said a lot of things!

  8. All right, you guys have convinced me! I’m writing a story about a zombie.

    Ha ha ha ha ha.

    I find it’s just hard to have the confidence to write while you’re in limbo. I look at the stuff I write and I’m like “Yeah, this is good. I’d totally read this.” But what if I just have bad taste in things I like to read?!

  9. maybe I should have read the whole article. and fish and an orchid? I can’t bring you home a whole bigfoot. it wouldn’t fit in my luggage and I can’t afford a whole pane ticket. What part would satisfy you most?

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