Heavy the Head that Wears the Crown

Seriously, Governor Baby has been in office only a half a year and he’s already sending out his flacks to rewrite history?

Mark Cate says:

When asked which legislation was the most difficult for the governor to sign, Cate said it was House Bill 600.

The bill that Haslam signed forbid localities from passing anti-discrimination ordinances that would be stronger than state law. It, in effect, overturned a Nashville Metro ordinance that forbid discrimination based on sexual orientation for businesses that have contracts with government.

“The governor didn’t oppose the (former ordinance) from a philosophical perspective,” Cate said. “He just believes government should not be drilling down and telling small business what to do.”

The ordinance he felt such a burden having to undo said:

D. The foregoing provisions of this section prohibiting employment discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity shall not apply to the following:
1. Any person employing fewer than fifteen (15) individuals;

Do they not know that this stuff stays on the internet forever?

Anyway, so there you have it, folks, Governor Baby thinks discrimination against gay people is bad, but not bad enough that he’s going to tell people they can’t do it.

Let’s next time jut elect a sack of potatoes and we’ll put that sack of potatoes in the governor’s office and Harwell, Ramsey, and Lee Beaman’s secret society can go in to the office and come out and just make pronouncements on what the Potato Governor thinks. I don’t see how that would be much different. Well, except you know Ron Ramsey would get in a fight with the sack of potatoes (because he heard the sack of potatoes went to Yale) and then he’d fry the governor up and eat him. Which would be disturbing.

Here’s just a side thing that pisses me off. Why is our secretive group of unelected oligarchs busy trying to take down a Metro Councilman and their secretive group of unelected oligarchs is conspiring against a whole city and bossing the governor around? What the fuck is wrong with our secretive group of unelected oligarchs that they aren’t fighting them?

Jesus Christ. Is there not a rich person in this city who’s read a comic book?

2 thoughts on “Heavy the Head that Wears the Crown

  1. What kills me is how these people willfully ignore that the ordinance doesn’t even tell *any* business, small or otherwise, what to do. Bigots are free to go right on being as bigoted as they want to be. No one is forcing them to bid on Metro contracts.

    It’s especially funny when it comes from the christianist cretins like Fowler, who apparently believe that being gay is a sin, but that Jesus is totally cool with bald faced liars.

    And then there’s the deafening silence when you ask them why anti-choicers should be able to object to their tax dollars going towards abortion, but we shouldn’t have any say in whether our tax dollars should fund discrimination.

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