It’s Hot and I’m Grouchy

Oh, so grouchy. So very, very grouchy. But I will say this for this weather–the pepper plants love it. I’ve been watering the big bed because it’s been so hot and I just… I don’t know… it’s not like I’m watering the roses, which might like it, or the willow. But I just want to eat some god damn beans fresh off the plant in my own damn back yard and if I have to stand out there every day because global warming has fucked my weather, I will.


Okay, calm. Deep breaths.

But the peppers are doing fine. Beans seem great. Tomatoes are munched on but not giving up the ghost. Okra is coming along. I guess the eggplants are fine. And I can’t remember what the other things are. I thought they were cucumbers, but they don’t seem to be vining. So, that will be a nice surprise.

The Joe-Pye Weed is doing fine. You all will remember that I bought one last year and I tried to transplant it and… no. But the butterflies LOVED it. I mean, if you want butterflies in your garden, just run out and get you a Joe-Pye Weed. And let’s take a moment to think about how there’s Joe Pye, rotting where ever he is rotting, and he’s got a plant named after him. And awesome plant butterflies love. I want a Betsy Plant.

The Blue False Indigo is doing fine.

But the white sage. Oh, just fucking forget it. I’m so bummed. I’m going to have to start all over. Glad I still have some seeds.

But that shit is hard.

4 thoughts on “It’s Hot and I’m Grouchy

  1. Living on the West Coast up North we get so much rain. This year it has been unending and my plants aren’t liking it either except the aRTICHOKES.

  2. B-
    I hear Nashville’s had 11 days of over 90. We just had three days of it. I was feeling murderous, so if you’re just feeling grouchy you’re a better woman than I.

  3. We literally went from having the heat on one day to having the air conditioning on the next. It was as if spring just decided not to show up at all. I think if we’d had some ramp up to it, it wouldn’t be so bad, but it is making me irate.

    I probably need to go find a lake and sit in it this weekend.

  4. I took a very cold bath today after having to walk outside for a bit – sat in the tub with the cold water filling up so it was a gradual adjustment instead of a shock. I think I need to go do it again. It’s 92 degrees in this house.

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