Work Begins and Continues on the Sexy Zombie Story

So, yeah, I decided for October, instead of doing a bunch of short stories, I’d do one medium story and serialize it a la Dickens. I think you’ll like it. So far, it’s the story of the great-grand-daughter of a con artist who accidentally ended up with psychic powers who, herself, though supernaturally powerful is kind of scamming people with scary jobs out of their money.

There’s not actually a zombie, though I am planning on having her bring a biker back from the dead to kill the other members of his gang. Which, really, is closer to an actual zombie than the popular zombies of Hollywood.

And there’s a bundt cake. And a were-bear (see 2:30 here).

So, it will be awesome.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Really, people, what can I do? I have been cursed! Curse to write ridiculous stories. But I can’t help it. I like those best.

Flowers and Beetles


I Also Have Non-Depressing Questions about Ramsey vs. Planned Parenthood

1. We all know that late Friday afternoon is the place news goes to die. And yet, we all also know this defunding is being accomplished via political pressure not via vote. Plus, liberals in this state have no power and the Democrats rich enough to raise a fuss are busy fighting Jason Holleman. So I think we have to ask ourselves–who wasn’t supposed to notice this?

2. Yes, Campfield is crowing about this now, but we all saw how they dicked him over during the Budget and lied to his face about it. So… yeah, I wouldn’t take this as a victory for Campfield’s side, without everyone realizing that Campfield is now running to get back in front of the parade.

3. This would have been a popular thing for conservative freshman legislators to vote on, it would have played well in their districts both because of the anti-abortion bent and the anti-urban bent and them getting to stick it to Memphis. So, why are they doing it this way and not bringing it up for a vote?

At what point, if you’re a Republican freshman legislator in this state, do you start to look around nervously? They don’t let you head up committees. They don’t let you vote on issues that would look great in campaign legislation. They’re not letting you as an individual accomplish anything; it’s only what the party has done. Here’s my question, freshman Republicans–are they really going to miss you when they redistrict?

4. In one swoop, Ramsey has flipped off women, Nashville and Memphis, liberals, poor people who need healthcare, the Governor, the entrenched Right-to-Lifers (including Campfield, who is smart enough to realize this eventually, if he hasn’t already), and the Republican freshman. How long can your enemies list be before you implode?

5. People of Knoxville, I heard good things about Haslam’s tenure as mayor there, but damn, he is getting run the fuck over by Ramsey. Was there any indication that he didn’t know how to take the reigns? I find this baffling. It’s as if Bredesen was like “Eh, I was a fine governor, but I’m disappointed that I didn’t seem great. How can I make people appreciate the subtle strengths I had, the parts of good leadership that are hard to articulate until you’ve seen the opposite?” And then he magically made Haslam governor. Because, I have to tell you, I had my issues with Phil, but he’s looking like a fucking expert genius by comparison. I’m just trying to imagine an analogous scenario with Democrats and I simply can’t. Bredesen would have had any number of the people who are now sitting in $60,000 a year part time jobs in the city pay a little visit to that legislator and that would be the end of him trying to play Supreme Dictator of the state.

It’s weird. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I’d be pissed if all this shit were happening and it wasn’t Ron Ramsey bragging about it but Haslam. But still…