The Butcher is My Sounding Board

The Butcher drove me to the park today, which was good because he got lost twice, so I damn well know I would have gotten lost. Shoot, I thought it was on the other side of 24. Anyway, on the way to the park, I was telling him I just couldn’t bring myself to write any more ghost stories and he just shouted “zombies!” and so I told him all about my idea for a reanimated serial killer and he pointed out that one of my main characters would, of course, have to die and I was like “Oh, hell yes, that’s right!”

So, that was good. I might have come to that realization myself, but I might not have.

We also learned that we are not meeting the folks in Vincennes for Father’s day because they are coming down here. So, I cleaned the kitchen and the bathroom. Hopefully the Butcher will sweep.

But I floated by the Butcher my belief that zombies and vampires are the same thing. He wasn’t quite buying it, but he seemed open to the idea. My real question is where does Jason Voorhees fall into this? Is he a zombie? Thoughts?

The Pretty Girl is the One with Poor Healthcare?

You know, I like to make sense of things. Like somebody says or does something that seems strange and I like to learn enough about them and history and societal trends and stuff to understand what’s going on.

Today, I have read something so inexplicable that I actually can’t make sense of it. Like, I feel like there is some sense to be made of it, but I can’t do it.

Here it is. In an article talking about the defunding of Planned Parenthood and how it happened, Stacey Campfield says:

“We had to kiss a lot of ugly girls at the prom, but we took the pretty one home,” said Campfield. “As long as we got what I was looking for, which was defunding Planned Parenthood, I’m willing to let it drop.”

Campfield equates a situation where he can’t control women’s healthcare with being forced to kiss ugly girls and a situation in which he can actively harm women by denying them healthcare as being able to take a pretty girl home.

Holy shit.

No One’s Really a Fan of Democracy

Who said it’s the worst form of government except for all the others? I think about that frequently. Because, yeah, people really, really don’t like it. And I think sometimes, like here in town, they don’t even realize they don’t like it. But really, acting like it’s somehow outrageous that the city council doesn’t fall in lock-step with the mayor is anti-democratic.

And we have a system of checks and balances for a reason. Yes, it sucks for the mayor that one of the checks and balance on his power is that the council doesn’t just rubberstamp everything he wants done.


They are checking the mayor’s power. Anyone who would fault them for that either doesn’t understand our form of government–in which case it’s pretty stunning that she gets to write about it for a big newspaper–or she doesn’t like it and is advocating for something closer to an elected dictator–in which case, well, that’s a pretty stunning turn of events as well.

I guess I could have just left this as a comment over at Jay’s place, but I wanted to link to him here. So, here I go.