The Pretty Girl is the One with Poor Healthcare?

You know, I like to make sense of things. Like somebody says or does something that seems strange and I like to learn enough about them and history and societal trends and stuff to understand what’s going on.

Today, I have read something so inexplicable that I actually can’t make sense of it. Like, I feel like there is some sense to be made of it, but I can’t do it.

Here it is. In an article talking about the defunding of Planned Parenthood and how it happened, Stacey Campfield says:

“We had to kiss a lot of ugly girls at the prom, but we took the pretty one home,” said Campfield. “As long as we got what I was looking for, which was defunding Planned Parenthood, I’m willing to let it drop.”

Campfield equates a situation where he can’t control women’s healthcare with being forced to kiss ugly girls and a situation in which he can actively harm women by denying them healthcare as being able to take a pretty girl home.

Holy shit.

14 thoughts on “The Pretty Girl is the One with Poor Healthcare?

  1. Kissing ugly girls = having the other legislators run rings around Campfield and make fun of him. Taking the pretty girl home = getting what he wanted done anyway.

    Women? Hurting women? Kissing girls? Huh? Females don’t really exist for him, so none of that actually happened, is happening, or will happen. And we silly things who think we exist or can be hurt have to realize that we aren’t real, any more than Monopoly money is real, or the chess pieces on the board are real. We are markers to be moved and counted, not people. And if getting what Campfield wants doesn’t shut us up and make us go away and let him ignore our existence, he’ll just have to do more stuff.

    I am always reluctant to psychoanalyze politicians — it seems cheap and easy and not helpful. But I am starting to think that Coble is right about those deep-seated issues. Everything he does seems to come down to a little kid with his eyes shut and his hands over his ears yelling “go away!” to half the human race.

  2. I know that Campfield,mlike so many other anti-abortion Americans, is also anti-contraception and generally, anti-women’s health. Slut-shaming, and all. But what amazes me the most about the way this has played out is the clarity with which Campfield et al. are speaking: they simply DO NOT BELIEVE that women use Planned Parenthood for anything but abortion; they do not believe that PP provides any needed services whatsoever. It reminds me of what David Axelrod said about meeting with Roger Ailes of Fox, and Ailes asked him if Obama was really creating a secret, national police force. It’s insane, but Axelrod described it as the moment he realized Ailes was a True Believer. And here in Tennessee we are chock-full of True Believers. The GA is packed with them, in both parties. And I have no idea how we go about making our voices heard, given that.

  3. EmmyLou, I do think that’s part of it. A huge part. They just do not believe PP does anything other than what they’ve been told it does. But I also think a large part is that they do want the power to stop their wives and daughters from doing things–even going to the doctor, even getting on the Pill–in secret, or potentially in secret. They want to assure that that, in the cases of their wives and girlfriends, whatever they have done to them stays done, and in the case of their daughters, that no unauthorized males can touch them without detection.

    That would be problematic enough. And it is hugely problematic.

    But I believe we also have a small handful of legislators and lobbyists who are actual sexual sadists (not in the fun BSDM way, but in the actual criminal and psychological sense) who enjoy hurting people. They don’t dare try to hurt people higher up the ladder from them, so their straight male colleagues probably don’t pick up on it. But they get themselves in positions where there aren’t very many people above them.

    And then the people who are true believers or who don’t want THEIR women misbehaving inadvertently provide shelter for the people who are getting off on hurting people weaker than them.

    Whether or not they perceive these weaker people as even being people, I have no idea.

    But believe me, as much as I would never give the time of day to the true believers or the asshole control freaks, I wouldn’t be afraid to be in a room with them.

    There are a couple of folks I think I’m now ready to say I’m afraid to be in a room with them.

    Some of this legislation has been funny and embarrassing, but I think it’s time we also just acknowledge that it’s sick as fuck–“Don’t say gay” will help ensure gay children continue to be ostracized and it’s designed to do so. He’s not embarrassed by the attention he gets from it, even the negative attention, because he’s enjoying bragging to people who can’t stop what he’s doing.

    He’s smiling and playing nice about this Planned Parenthood stuff because it gives him a chance to get in front of the media to gloat to people who are weaker than him that he got his way and he can’t be stopped.

    And on and on. He’s got a pattern. He sticks to it.

  4. “Pretty girl” = women under his control. “Ugly girl” = those bitches defying him.

  5. Aunt B:

    Interesting article, and thank you for sharing it. I’m not going to offer an opinion one way or the other because, as I’ve already said, I don’t live in Tennessee.

    I will offer from my perspective as an outsider, that perhaps the struggle between pro choice and pro life funding v. defunding would continue regardless of the current economic circumstances.

    I do think that the struggle over diminishing resources will unfortunately heighten as our economy continues to shrink, and we all need to collectively figure out how to solve it.

  6. The health care issue, in the U.S. at least, is not one of ‘diminishing resources.’ It is one of ideology. There are some who believe that the mitigation of human suffering takes precedence over profit. There are others who believe that profit takes precedence over everything, and it is their philosophy which currently governs our economic and political structures. In other words, there is plenty to go around. But the greedy, sociopathic assholes prefer a world in which increasing numbers of their fellows suffer preventable pain and death; because that fattens the assholes’ bottom line in real dollar terms and makes it look even fatter just by the ever-increasing contrast. The assholes are able to get away with it because they can sell it to the masses of ignorant, hateful cowards in our electorate, and they frequently use reliable wedge issues like abortion to get the job done.

  7. Echoing what Sam says, profit will always win out. Case in point, cancer and HIV/AIDS will never be cured — there is too much money at stake as long as people are sick and/or dying.

  8. I think one of the markers of being a sociopath *is* just hurting someone because you can. They’re not all serial killers, most of them are just hateful fuckers. And Campfield seems to have that covered.

    But all my information on sociopaths come from Martha Stout’s book The Sociopath Next Door.

  9. There’s nothing holy about it.

    And like anyone really believes that Stacey wants to kiss girls.

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