I Think I’ve Lost My Sense of Humor in Regards to Ron Ramsey

Dear Ron Ramsey,

The next time you think it’s so fucking cool to brag about how you break the laws you write, perhaps you should open your wallet and pay back some of the people who’ve been fined for the very behavior you are joking about.

That would make this bullshit a hair more palatable.

It still leaves a bad taste, though. No matter what. Don’t make laws you won’t live by, asshole.


8 thoughts on “I Think I’ve Lost My Sense of Humor in Regards to Ron Ramsey

  1. The “don’t tell the lady, because she can’t handle the truth (or would make a decision you don’t like), bit is bad enough. The chortling over getting fooled into thinking there might be consequences for their actions – consequences you’ve actively established for others – is just vile.

  2. Rachel,

    Misleading a potential candidate in that manner is unacceptable regardless of gender. In the search for viable candidates party leaders can give overly optimistic information to encourage a desired individual to step forward.

    I object to this particular approach because it encourages someone to give up a safe seat on the premise that the higher seat is more winnable than the facts would indicate. If Diane Black had come up short against Senator Graves, the people that talked hie into running would not have lost anything compared to what she lost. And you can bet that no one would be telling this story in public either.

  3. If I hadn’t already decided that pretty much all politicians are assholes and liars who consider themselves above the law I’d be outraged.

    As it is I’m just sort of sitting here thinking that he’s incredibly arrogant to not even care that he’s telling folks this.

    Oh, and I’m really amused that he feels qualified to pass judgement on the alleged Christianity of Haslam. Anyone who stands up there and jokes about lies he’s perpretrated on folks and then feels free to declare someone else a “good Christian man” as though he is the expert on such is just…deeply in need of some self-examination.

  4. The other day on NPR they had a story about a comedian who was running for mayor of some Icelandic city as a joke, to basically show how hollow and stupid politics are, and he won! Unexpectedly (and now everyone hates him because he’s not a politician, so he did things like cut services and raise taxes to balance the budget).

    But there was a moment in the interview when he talked about how fucking terrified he was when he realized he’d won and subsequently, when he realized how much responsibility he had over people and for people.

    And it struck me upon hearing that–wow, you know, that is what someone who was genuinely aware of the enormous responsibility he’d taken on would feel: utter terror.

    And you know, it’s not that I expect my politicians to be running around screaming or anything. But I would like, most of the time, some sense from them that they get the gravity of what they’re doing.

    Coble, it’s funny. I was thinking the other day that, as annoying as the term “Christianist” is, it’s handy to have a word that means people who use Christianity as an excuse to try to run a repressive theocracy. It’d be nice if there were a term, maybe like “social Christianity,” for people who view it not as a way of life that forces deep introspection but as a way of life that separates the folks “like us” from the folks “not like us.”

    I mean, yeah, it’s hard to understand what kind of Christian Ron Ramsey thinks he is that he thinks it’s hilarious to brag about enacting laws that will be used against his fellow Tennesseans that he has no intention of following and that he’s bragging about lying to Diane Black. It seems like Jesus preached a couple of applicable parables about the folly of the first action and there’s a commandment against the second.

  5. Mark, mark this down because it probably won’t happen again – I completely agree with you. Black absolutely had the most to lose and the information was deliberately withheld in order to misinform her about her chances of losing. Ugh.

  6. Ramsey quote from the link:

    “In any kind of leadership, if you don’t know something, say you don’t know something. Just say I don’t know. Time after time after time, he came to us and said, ‘I’m new on the job, I don’t know this,’ and it worked out well every time.

    If I didn’t know better I’d say Ramsey is calling Haslam an idiot. The whole thing reads like a huge backhanded compliment. And saying “it worked out well every time” begs the question: well from whom?

    Ramsey is bragging about pushing our little governor around.

    Haslam is a wimp, plain and simple. What a disappointment.

  7. Yes, SB. Yes. I read it precisely that way. After I got through shaking my head at Baby Demagogue Bill Ketron being involved, too.

    Not the least little bit of this surprises me. Not. At. All.

    What does surprise me is that Kleinheider hasn’t taken a chair to him. Repeatedly. You really can be a public servant without becoming a GOP Huey Long, Ramsey. Or even Nero. Seriously.

    (Not that ACK would do anything like that, certainly. But my LORD he must have nerves of steel. And a house note of platinum.)

  8. Oh, he’s clearly calling Haslam an idiot. And Ramsey’s acting like *he* won the damn gubernatorial election. Of course, the way Haslam is rubberstamping everything he’s been given, Ramsey might has well have won it.

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