Will It Rain?

Here we are, another day, another chance of rain. Lately, we have had many chances of rain and apparently blown them all. But I’m hoping today is the day, because I need it for my garden!

A good soaking.

I’m going to look back on 2011 as the year we did not have spring.

8 thoughts on “Will It Rain?

  1. We had spring! We had like a whole day of it. Of course, then we had winter again, and then it was August. But I’m certain we had an entire 24 hours of spring in there somewhere. You expect way too much.

  2. And Albany is more like Seattle — currently it’s overcast and rainy and 61 degrees for the umpteenth day in a row. This is the year that spring will just not leave up here.

  3. Floods in the midwest. Fires in the south west. I just feel damn fortunate that we’re not getting hammered in my region of the country.

  4. According to “Smiley” in one of his “Bites” columns in the Scene, we had a Spring: it fell “on a Wednesday.”

  5. In my mind, I have these memories of moving to Tennessee and discovering springs and falls that stretched to ridiculous lengths.

    Tennessee, if you hadn’t made me love spring so much, I wouldn’t miss it so much now.

  6. We just had a small storm go through (it’s 12:22pm as I type this) so it should be getting to y’all shortly. More on the way later this afternoon, tonight and tomorrow it looks like.

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