I Stopped Ron Ramsey from Kicking a Baby!

Wait, what? Ron Ramsey never even intended to kick a baby? Well, that’s weird. Why would someone take credit for stopping someone from doing something they weren’t going to do?

Oh, oh, but wait!!!! I rounded up all of the  rabid purple yellow mouth curs Ron Ramsey had deposited in 93 counties… oh, there’s no such thing as a purple yellow mouth cur? Very strange. Why would a person take credit for running something out of someplace it’s never been?

Don’t get me wrong. This is a strange and scary time for us. But Republicans have only been in complete charge for six months and they’re already having to make up things they’ve accomplished?

That’s really strange.

2 thoughts on “I Stopped Ron Ramsey from Kicking a Baby!

  1. It’s a good thing Ron Ramsey has already sold his soul, otherwise he’d be in real danger of losing it.

  2. I’m thinking the GOP has generally devolved to a point where any and all of its behavior can be explained as follows: if it appeals to the lowest common denominator of sadistic, narrow-minded assholery, then it must be said or done.

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