Tips for Tipsters

1. Sure, everyone gets why you’d want to send your email from an anonymous account, but when you send an email from an anonymous account with a .com I don’t recognize, no way in fuck am I clicking on your link. I’m honestly surprised it didn’t go straight to my spam filter.

2. Even if I recognized your email, if all it contains is a link to a url that even vaguely sounds like it might lead me to porn, again, I’m not clicking on it. If you’re afraid your style of writing is so distinct that it would give you away, then do a few practice emails where you switch “This missive contains a bit of internet detritus you, esteemed blogger, might find illuminating” to “You might find this link interesting and here’s why”.

3. That last part is crucial. Why should I give a shit? In this particular case, is chick marrying a woman? Is her wedding being paid for with tax dollars? Otherwise, I don’t care and I find it a little fucking ooky that y’all are like “we must set up an anonymous account that can’t be traced to us to leak to bloggers that a politician’s kid is getting married.”

People, this is the thing about Tennessee politics that is literally going to drive me to drink. I received a tip that someone had gone to great lengths to hide his or her identity about so that it could never be traced back to them and yet, if you google the name of the person the tip pertains to and Tennessee, just the name and the state not “married” or “engaged” of the bride to be, the very second link that comes up is the link someone is trying so hard to make sure can’t be traced back to them.

Things I can easily learn on Google are not anonymous tips.

4 thoughts on “Tips for Tipsters

  1. Here is the proper methodology…

    1) Get anonymous trolls.
    2) Get anonymous tipsters.
    3) Get useful anonymous tipsters.
    4) Get anonymous tipsters of Iowa.

    You are clearly only at step 2 but that’s better than most.

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