Aborted Walk

The dog and I got no farther than the AT&T building before we became convinced that the weird noise that sounded like a monstrously large cat stroking gravel was probably thunder. And so we came back, even though it isn’t raining.

I did see that we have beans, which I will need to get out and pick tonight. I did eat one and it tasted green–sharp and fresh.

My family is coming today. I’m preemptively bummed and overwhelmed. It’d better go better than last time or I’m just going to find a dark corner near the bathroom where I can shoot heroin the whole time they’re here. Heroin is the one where you just can’t give a shit, right?

My drug knowledge is embarrassingly limited.

3 thoughts on “Aborted Walk

  1. You aborted??? You vile murderer. I will have to report you.
    Hello? Governor Ramsey………..

  2. The only question that comes to mind, was the feline wearing tiny cat pants? Family time can be difficult. Hopefully, everyone will be on their best behavior so you do not have to become better versed in the drugs that are available.

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