I think “Back-Up Eating” is an Underrepresented Skill in Popular Music

So, this dude is coming to town, I venture, since I just read about him in every boring media outlet in town. But I watched the video because I was promised Ludacris and I find Ludacris to be amusing in the way my friends and family are amusing–at any moment some deft joking might happen.There’s going to be some turn of phrase or some “Yeah, I said it”ness that will make me smile. It’s like, if I’m ever lonely for my brothers and cousins and their friends, I just watch Ludacris and there I go.

But I think you should watch the video, because I think this has to got to be a first. In this video, Ludacris appears to be back-up eating. Now, sure, you’ve seen some back up singing, and you’ve seen dancers moving around behind singers. You’ve seen bands. You’ve seen marching bands. But someone apparently having a meal? I posit that you have not. Which is not to say that there’s not eating in videos. But it’s more like background eating. Someone is not wiggling himself in front of the camera, in support of the artist at the forefront that moment, mid-meal.

Until now.

Also, towards the end, there is a lovely pit bull. So, stay tuned for that.

But, just in general, this has got to be the most food-filled video I’ve seen in a long time. And I’m not just saying that because it’s lunch.

6 thoughts on “I think “Back-Up Eating” is an Underrepresented Skill in Popular Music

  1. Cute pit bull, reminds me of Max, my son’s pit bull. Not a bad song either, first time I’ve ever listened to Ludacris, so thanks for introducing me to his music.

  2. B., you’ve gotten me to watch four music videos this year, from a way oddly assorted group of genres and artists. I think that’s three more than I watched all of last year (had to watch Telephone to see exactly what the coke can hair curlers). Thank you for that.

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