4 thoughts on “Just Can’t Shake this Funk

  1. I am sorry! Crank up some Steeleye Span and dance around the kitchen. That’s one method that sometimes works for me. That, and eating frosting from a can. Of Frosting.

  2. Ya know, I see a good potential thread on what to play and dance around the kitchen to to escape the* funk. For me, it’s early Steve Earle, though I can see how Steeleye Span would help, too.

    *No one wants to escape the funk, surely. I mean, some people listen to George Clinton to get out of their own funks.

  3. No fair, I come to read you to lift my spirits – ordinarily.

    Not today, feeling pretty good after some chiro-magic. And a long sit down with the favorite old dog.

    The best thing I’ve done lately was cancel the pay-teevee, an economic necessity, if I had only known such peace of mind was so cheaply bought!

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