Those Darlins–Screws Get Loose

It took me eight million years to get around to buying this album, but I finally did and so far I’m in the solid “wow” camp. If I sound hesitant, it’s only because I looooooooooved their first album when it came out, but then realized there were only three or four songs on it I could live with.

So, I think this album is brilliant and interesting and goes so far above and beyond their first album that it’s like the difference between a sunflower seed and a sunflower, but I’m worried that, after a few months, I won’t care for it.

I don’t think so. I think it’s much more sonically sturdy. But, I’ll admit, when I bought their first album, I could immediately think of ten people I thought should listen to it. This album I just want to put on and sit my headphoned self out at the edge of the world and watch the sun go down.

One thought on “Those Darlins–Screws Get Loose

  1. I am a fan of old rock from the 60’s and early 70’s – but after watching the video, I was surprised that I enjoyed this. “You just want to stick it in” It ain’t good prose, but it has a ring of honesty! Thanks – I enjoyed!

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