Oh True Blood, I’m Glad You’re Back

Is it possible that they’ve managed to fix many of the weaknesses from last season? Tara might be interesting! Jessica and Hoyt seem to be having actual grown-up relationship problems? Bill has something beside whining to do?  The witches aren’t as annoying as I feared? Someone finally got rid of Jason?

I admit, I squealed when Erik came on screen. I figured he bought the house, but I still was like “Oh my god,” when he said it. And I’m hoping Pam and Jessica get it on.

Gary Moore, Get a Grip on Your District!

Every once in a while, I wonder, is Tony’s Foodland really so much better than the Bordeaux Kroger for when you just need like three things? I thought that today, especially, as I drove by the Kroger four times and still went up to Joelton to Tony’s to grab my Diet Dr Pepper.

But the Kroger is huge. You can’t just run in and grab, say, milk. And I wanted coneflower seeds for the sunny part of the bed where the tall coneflowers are growing. And people of the internet, I can report that it is indeed worth it.

First, the cashier, an old lady buying cigarettes, and I had a long conversation about coneflowers and hollyhocks. We were all in agreement that hollyhocks are the most awesome flower ever and we don’t care if that makes us old-fashioned.

But most importantly is also the community bulletin board where we learn that someone is missing two goats and that Tucker the pig is missing. Eh, goats, who gives a fuck, right? But once you name something? My god, Tucker the pig being missing cannot stand. Moore better be out there investigating whether people are poor fence-builders or if someone is running off with our pigs.

Sorry so many of these pictures are fuzzy. The camera seemed freaked out by the rain.