Oh True Blood, I’m Glad You’re Back

Is it possible that they’ve managed to fix many of the weaknesses from last season? Tara might be interesting! Jessica and Hoyt seem to be having actual grown-up relationship problems? Bill has something beside whining to do?  The witches aren’t as annoying as I feared? Someone finally got rid of Jason?

I admit, I squealed when Erik came on screen. I figured he bought the house, but I still was like “Oh my god,” when he said it. And I’m hoping Pam and Jessica get it on.

3 thoughts on “Oh True Blood, I’m Glad You’re Back

  1. Erik Northman is my homeboy. Mmm.

    Whenever I watch the show I base its absurdity on how it would sound trying to explain the plot to a non-viewer. After last night, I’m pretty sure we’re on our way down the rabbit hole.

  2. Ha, i was trying to explain it to the Butcher, who is a viewer but missed it last night, and he was looking at me like I was just making shit up. We are way down the rabbit hole and probably past the opium smoking caterpillar.

    DAO, it’s a pretty standard fairytale trope that, if you eat fairy food, you get stuck in fairyland. I think they glowed so you’d know they were magic.

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