I’m about halfway through it and it is lovely. Sorry no time for something more substantial, though those of you who didn’t tell me about Charlie Bob’s are in trouble.

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4 thoughts on “Livestreaming!

  1. Curses! Our work connection is the speed of a geriatric turtle slogging through molasses, so I heard the first few moments and then got dropped. I’m seriously considering running out to buy it right after work, before I even get home.

  2. My impression is that it feels much more of a piece than her other albums. It doesn’t sound like a bunch of songs, but a whole thing. I don’t know. I was really busy at work, but it’s definitely a Gillian Welch album, but it also sounds to me like something different from her.

  3. I did buy it. It is wonderful. Stupendacular, as I said on Facebook. Splenderffic. Almost made me cry the first listen, on The Way That it Goes.

  4. I’m having a hard time even putting into words what I think about it. I mean, i think it’s terrific and i think it sounds like them, but I feel like this is their first album that, to me, feels fully contemporary. Like these are all songs about right now, for right now.

    It’s really amazing.

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