Did You Know the Second Episode of True Blood is On Demand Right Now?!

I have two non-spoilery thoughts.

1. I am a slow and fat middle-aged woman. If I could turn into a panther, I believe I could easily, even as a slow and fat, middle-aged panther eat my neighbors’ goats and pigs (sorry Tucker). The analogous panther to me could still hunt. So, I am just not understanding why any of the werepanthers need Jason to feed them. They can’t bring down a deer or eleven?

2. The more I think about it, the more I love Bill as king. This is one of those moments where I’m just not sure if I should hope that True Blood is as smart as I’d love it to be. But, as you recall, one of my biggest moments of inability to suspend disbelief was back in the first season when Bill told Sookie he didn’t own slaves. It just wasn’t possible. It’d be like a story in which roads existed and a person told you he traveled from Memphis to Nashville in three hours and then denied he owned a car. Then how the fuck did you get here, motherfucker? Same deal when you see a wealthy antebellum white dude standing in a mansion he owned before the Civil War, especially in which he lived with his wife and children. If he didn’t have slaves, how the fuck did he get in that house, motherfucker?

And I just didn’t know if the show was smart enough to get that Bill had to be lying, since it seemed obvious, since the only black people in town all seem to be related to Tara, that that one black family in town would have to have been descended from the people Bill owned. And how do you have a light romp of a story with that bullshit? “Oh, my best friend dates a guy who owned my ancestors.” But it has now turned out that, indeed, this show is willing to go to all kinds of fucked up places. So maybe we’ll get to that place. AND it turns out that Bill is a lying liar who lies. So, that was a nice little bit of foreshadowing about him being a liar.

So, all that is to say that of course being king would suit Bill. He’s kind of stuffy and old-fashioned and he was raised in a society that saw themselves as chivalrous. This is the job he was basically born and raised to be able to perform. And the fact that he’s surrounded by humans (his guards, the witch spy, etc.) over whom he has an incredible level of power and who are available to him however he wants? And he’s thriving? All while obviously believing he believes vampires and humans should be able to live together as some kind of equals?

Of course, of course, of course.

I don’t expect a lot of subtlety from this show, so I’m sure they’ll fuck this up eventually. But so far, I really like it.

8 thoughts on “Did You Know the Second Episode of True Blood is On Demand Right Now?!

  1. I mean, it’s not fucking Beloved or anything, but if you want to kind of start to get at the perniciousness of a mindset that believes itself suited to being the master of people, even if the person holding that mindset is not treating those people “that bad” and the person holding that mindset believes he is for the eventual freedom of folks like the people he has mastery over, well, where else on TV are you going to get that?

  2. At the historical society thing, doesn’t Bill say something like, “My father owned slaves but I didn’t”? Which is a liar’s cop-out. “I didn’t lie to you, baby, I just didn’t tell you.”

  3. I think that the werepanthers were trying to make Jason a werepanther because they want him to father little werepanthers.

    I can’t help it. I love the show a lot more than I loved the books.

  4. Crackerjackheart–yes! He totally did. I hope later he’s all “I technically inherited them, which I consider to be different than owning” just because he’s clearly such a cop-out liar on this point.

    Newscoma, I agree. But then, why not just bite him months ago? Those people clearly need looking after. My question is “why?” Are they incredibly shitty panthers?

  5. Meaning, I want him to make a distinction between “owning as in buying” and “having inherited” because I want to laugh at the douchy balls it would take to even attempt to make that argument.

  6. But that’s the sophistry of mastery…”my people” were family (in a natural multi-generational relationship to each other) and we were totally stuck holding the wolf by the ears and having to make the best of it together. It was pretty common among slaveowners to claim that they hated the burden imposed on them by their parents, the responsibilities of taking care of slaves and feeling oneself owned by one’s possessions. It’s douchy bullshit, of course.

  7. Yep, but I think that’s one of the things that’s kind of developing brilliantly about Bill’s character. Because this is such a cheesy show and because it tends to do everything so poorly, it’s been able to sneak (maybe in spite of itself) this example of exactly what’s wrong with slavery EVEN IF it looks peachy keen at first glance. The gauze of cheesy ridiculousness lets the truth seep out without people getting defensive.

    I’m almost wondering if the werepanthers aren’t supposed to function like that but about white supremacists, who, while touting the wonders of the white race are pretty shabby human beings themselves. And here are these “super”natural beings, who apparently can’t feed themselves without help.

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