Oh, Ha ha, Day, Very Funny

This day, I tell you. It’s just been a giant bag of stupid. There are great advantages to bureaucracies, but there are great drawbacks. My morning was just me getting caught in the great drawbacks. But I did learn that there might be an office who can help me navigate the parts of the bureaucracy that I like the least, if I can indeed find this office and figure out how to pay them.

So, that’s exciting.

But now I have a headache and my pill bottle is empty.

In Anticipation of The Witch’s Friend

People, I am so giddy about this story. I actually think the draft is in pretty good shape. I’ve made some cuts and I want to spend a little more time making sure the actual “zombie in the house & yard” moment has the right pacing, though, in all honestly, I’m not sure how to judge that. Good thing it’s only July! But I’m really pleased at how most of it is going and I still hate the ending, which I believe means it’s exactly right.

I’ve got some stuff I want to mull over, so I’m glad I have some time to let it percolate.

But after these changes go in, I’m hoisting that puppy into its end format. I spent a little time this weekend getting another blog set up to display the story in. And I’m excited. I figured out how to get it to do everything I wanted–display the same page every time you come to the story, use wordpress.com’s categories like a table of contents, not have comments, and display a subtly creepy background without being white text on a black background, which hurts my eyes. Because I am old. The only way I’m going to break blogging conventions is to run the story in regular order instead of with the newest bits first. And that will take some jiggering, because blogs aren’t really set up to do that. I think I’m going to have to put the whole thing in, link how I want to link, and then go in and fuck with the timestamps.

But I’m trying to give myself plenty of time to do that.

And then the last round of revisions will take place in that format, once I know how each piece has to stand alone and how it might connect to other pieces.

But I’m excited because you’ll be able to read each of the five stories as individual (though interconnected) stories, or only read the two that are least upsetting or whatever. But, if you want to just jump in and start chasing links around, that should be a weird and cool path through them as well.

And I thought I’d never use my degree for anything…