Bleh, Foul Mood

My mood has lifted somewhat. I felt like the Butcher was ditching me, but, after talking to him on the phone,  I realize he’s ditching our company. When Dad called to talk to the Butcher and discovered he wasn’t here, I could hear in his voice that he didn’t quite buy that the Butcher had to make an emergency trip to Lexington. So, this should be interesting.

This is the second time the Butcher has ditched out on this particular guest, so I’m starting to wonder if something went down between them I’ve been left out of.


And they say boys are easier than girls.

I ended up getting my nephew some Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. He can arrange them into the shape of his name, if he wants.

I’m pretty pleased with “The Witch’s Friend” and feel like it’s just about done. I hope you guys like it.

I got my new voter’s registration card in the mail today and I now have to vote down on King’s Lane instead of around over back at the school. Yes, I said around over back, and some of you knew right where I meant, so… who’s the fool here? I guess because some district of mine has changed, but Lonnell Matthews (son of Lonnell Matthews, brother of Lonnell Matthers, deceased) is still my council member, Thelma Harper is still my state senator, Gary Moore’s still my other state dude and Jim Cooper’s my national pretend-Democrat.

So, I don’t know what’s changed. But hopefully there’s better parking at the church than there was at the school. Unless I go vote at the library ahead of time. Then I don’t particularly care.

I May Have Reached Maximum Grouchiness

I have had it with the Metro Council election and we’re only in early voting. People are acting like total jackasses and some stupid-ass fake Twitter account tried to neg me, I think, being all jokey insulting with me so that I’ll… what? Laugh along?

If you want to be a mean-spirited jackass, leave me out of it. If you want to be a mean-spirited jackass towards me, god damn it, at least try to make it funny. Otherwise, I swear, it’s like watching someone shit himself and act like you’re the one with a problem because your eyes are watering.

Or maybe it’s not quite like that. I don’t know. My foul mood continues.

I’m eager to hear if anyone can figure out what the fuck Google+ is for. I feel like it’s just a third way (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) for me to follow the same old folks. How do I find new folks? How do I tell people in the real world to find me there? Things I like about it–you can see the things I like on my RSS reader by looking under Buzz. And it behaves a lot like the best of Facebook. Things I don’t like about it. I feel like I’m missing something major about how you use it and interact with people.

It’s my nephew’s birthday today. I may see him. I wonder if I should make him a cake.

So Let Me Tell You ‘Bout the Way She Walked

Damn it, if I have to have that song stuck in my head, I will stick it in the heads of as many people as possible. I didn’t actually walk the dog this morning. I thought I was going to get a full-fiver in this week (walking her every day) but it’s just too hot and I couldn’t bring myself to face the AT&T yard one more single time.

I’m feeling kind of listless, like I want to be writing, but I don’t yet have a big idea to be writing about. I guess that means I should get back to work on the quilt.

I guess it’s natural to feel listless in the middle of a hot summer. But I’ve been feeling kind of cut off from the woo-woo stuff lately, meditating isn’t doing anything but putting me to sleep. And I know this is all a part of the rhythm of things. Sometimes you’re plugged in. Sometimes you’re not.

But I’m feeling kind of like I don’t know what I should be doing with myself.

All signs point to other signs which, in return, point to other signs.