I’ve Been on the Floor, Looking for a Chair

I was trying to find a good Youtube version of Joan Osborne’s “Dracula Moon,” but there isn’t one. I did spend some time being reminded just how good Relish is except for that one song, which will remain unnamed.

There are these moments in pop culture when you hear someone–like Joan Osborne, say–and you think “Oh, hey! This is going to be the segue to some damn interesting stuff by artists who take their inspiration from her.” But then it rarely is.

I still like her, though.

I think it was Elias to whom I said that listening to Relish reminds me of hot Southern summer nights, when you have the windows open, praying for a breeze, and you can hear your neighbors in their houses, their windows also open, everyone overhearing the intimate ways people deal (or don’t) with the heat.


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