Waiting for a Train

Actually, I’m waiting on the Butcher, but I’ve been in a “sing songs to myself” kind of mood today. If he gets off work in time, he’s going to drive me down to Cool Springs. Which is good. I don’t want to suffer from any Williamson County cooties.

My car claimed it was 107 when I got in it and 112 over by TSU. I don’t think it’s quite that hot out, but it’s hard to tell. At least it’s not the buttcrack of humidity it has been.

One thought on “Waiting for a Train

  1. I didn’t realize it until I read the reference to humidity in your post, but I had forgotten that people look at humidity, just like we look at temperature, to see how uncomfortable their day is/was/will-be.

    Down here in Florida it’s pretty much a given that if it isn’t December or January, you are going to be breathing soup, it’s probably going to be uncomfortably hot* and there is a 90% chance of rain (for one hour, in the afternoon).

    * But not blisteringly-hot in Tampa. We spend 9** months at 95 degrees, but we never hit 100.

    ** Slight exaggeration.

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