I Will Say This for the Butcher

When you tell him to get you a 9×12 pan because your old one is shot, dude does not fuck around. This pan could bake cakes and carry troops into battle. If I’m ever in a gunfight, I will strap it to my chest. I literally thought it was two pans, it’s so heavy. But no. It is just made of all of the metal in America, apparently.

Seriously, one more pound and that thing would collapse in on itself and develop an event horizon.

4 thoughts on “I Will Say This for the Butcher

  1. We have cookie sheet that is like that. If somebody ever breaks in and I’m looking for something to clunk them in the head with (a la Looney Toons), screw the frying pan, I’d grabbing the cookie sheet.

  2. It’s hard to find good, sturdy stuff like that anymore. Our cookie sheets are made of cheap crap and always get all twisted when you put them in the oven.

    You know what else I can’t find? Good, sturdy, solid garden tools. Everything I have you use it twice and it breaks. Cheap crap made in China from toxic waste and the innards of prisoners of conscience.

    I hate the world, sometimes.

  3. SB I know what you mean.
    I needed a new hand pruner and bought one online based on the fact that it was Fiskars.
    It was crap and I ended up going to Lowes and getting a decent one even though it was substantially more.

    And don’t EVER buy garden tools at Tuesday Morning. Other stuff, yes, but tools? no way ever again. They broke on first use, every one.

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