Hurray, Rain!

I’ve been cheering on Don all week, just because we here in the South, even up in Tennessee, depend a lot on tropical storms and hurricanes to keep us from despair in late summer. This, too, probably does something to develop the peculiar regional character–you realize you’re hoping for the kind of storm that kills people so that you can have a break from the heat.

Anyway, we have rain today. It’s not from Don, since Don turned out to be kind of a bust. But still, rain. I could have slept all morning, if not for the number of animals who wanted to let me know they were alarmed by the thunder and the lack of food in their bowls. Of course, when I got out into the kitchen, the cats HAD food in their bowl. Just not the right kind.

The morning storms seem just about done, which is too bad. We could use some more water. But maybe the afternoon showers will be good.

One thought on “Hurray, Rain!

  1. Thank you for cheering for Don. Everyone around here was threatening to wash their cars and throw away their bottled water supplied in hopes that that would bring him closer. But sadly, he fizzled, and we’re still dry as toast. Dammit, Don.

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